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Shine Corset



Elevate your style with our Glitter Corset featuring Spiral Metal Bones and a Built-in Bra. This enchanting piece combines glamour and support effortlessly. The glitter fabric adds a touch of magic, while the spiral metal bones provide flexibility and shape. With a built-in bra for added convenience, this corset ensures a seamless and comfortable fit. Perfect for any occasion, it’s a versatile statement piece that enhances your curves and confidence. Embrace the sparkle and sophistication with this must-have addition to your wardrobe.

We can tailor it to your preferred size. Please provide more details for precise customization

▪️ Straightens posture, tightens the sides and creates excellent silhouette

▪️Beautifully lifts and supports breasts

Fabric & Care

Caring for your shiny glitter dress is as essential as showcasing their beauty. To ensure that the glitter retains its sparkle while maintaining the delicate nature of the fabric, please follow these simple care instructions:

  1. Hand Wash Only:
    • Use mild and gentle washing products such as soapy water or shampoo.
    • Avoid machine washing, as the agitation may compromise the glitter’s adhesive.
  2. Avoid Soaking and High Temperatures:
    • Wash with room temperature water to prevent damage to the glitter.
    • Gently move a soupy sponge inside the product, ensuring a light touch without soaking.
  3. No Wringing Out:
    • After washing, refrain from wringing out excess water, as it may disturb the glitter.
    • Instead, lay the item flat on a horizontal surface to air dry naturally.
  4. Avoid Ironing:
    • The product is designed to resist wrinkles, and ironing is unnecessary.
    • If needed, use a not-too-hot steaming method from the inside to maintain the integrity of the glitter.

By following these care tips, you can help ensure that the glitter on the bottom part of your corsets remains vibrant and intact. Embrace the dazzling allure of our shiny corsets and shine brightly at every occasion.


We can tailor it to your preferred size. Please provide more details for precise customization


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